Anything 4 A Ride MTB Club / Race Team

Graeme Spreadbury

   The Maxlight was more of an evolution of my original Scott Expert Racing, which I bought in 2003. I upgraded various bits on that bike, until I damaged the frame beyond repair. After searching all the magazine and websites for reviews I chose the Maxlight XC Pro. I purchased it in early 2004 and swapped over the components from the Scott. I have since upgraded every part since then, so no part thats now on it was ever on the Scott. It has had 3 forks on it, starting with a Rock Shox Judy (80mm), then a Rock Shox Duke XC (100mm) and now a Rock Shox Reba Team U-Turn (85-115mm). The best upgrade I made was the Hope Mini Mono brakes with braided hoses and floating rotors. This came about after a trip to Chamonix running V-Brakes. It also has some bling bling Nokon gear cables which really are the best you can get, I have never had to change the inners since using these and they shift effortlessly when paired with XTR deraileurs. I have changed most of the "bits" for custom blue ones, ie chainring bolts, brake caps, bottle cage bolts etc. It was my only mountain bike for a couple of years and in doing so has done many a trip to Wales, Scotland, down to the Alps 4 times and raced loads. Its a brilliantly light bike (23lbs)considering its size but tough enough for a trail machine. It rides almost perfectly but it does have a rather harsh rear end on it that isn't the best for Endurance racing. Its now my backup race bike and winter trainer.
 XC Pro Scandium 
Rock Shox 
 Reba Team U-Turn
 Hope XC/X717
 Mini Mono   
 I-Beam Carbon
 Bel Air I-Beam (cow print)
 110mm * 8deg
 Bone Lite
 Mech (F)
 XTR M960
 Mech (R)
 XTR M971
 XT M960
 XT M960
Crank Bros 
 Egg Beater S
Race Face