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London Cyclo Cross League Round6 19/10/08 

   Seeing as the MTB season is over we'd thought we'd try our luck at Cyclo Cross. Most events welcome MTBs so we found one down in Strood; Kent and headed off down there to see what its like.

Graeme Report:

      Quick recce lap was the first time I'd ever rode a Cyclo Cross course. This one was a mix of ups and downs, bit of tarmac, hurdles, singletrack (a tiny bit), football pitches and a sand pit. It wasn't exactly technical, but was quite fun.

   The horn went for a mass start and we were off. The first lap bypassed the sand pit, which was good as it wasn't exactly easy alone let alone with 150 other bikers. We headed round the course learning where the grippy bits were and how quick you could take them. I rode the first couple of laps with Paul, most of the time he was in front and always got a good 10metres or so on me at the sand trap. 30mins in and I was struggling, Paul was still a bit ahead and my legs felt like lead. Not to good, whilst trying a move on the inside of an off camber corner I low sided the bike and almost come off, best not try that again. With 2 and a bit laps to go I took Paul on the run down to the bottom corner and then noticed Paul had dropped back due to some leaders lapping us. I caught someone’s back wheel and powered to get just enough of a gap. This gap stayed about the same right to the end, however I had to put in all the effort I could as Paul did start to catch me on the last lap. It was a great race and had a brilliant time. I can certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to get in to bike racing and will be doing another one soon.
Paul Report:

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