Anything 4 A Ride MTB Club / Race Team
Rider         David James
MTB:         Orange Clockwork Pro 07
                 Marin Palisides Trail
Fave trail: I'd put most of Wales on my list of favourite places to ride, but the Passporte's course last year was amazing.  I LOVE ski lifts!

Like the others I've been riding a bike ever since I can remember, 1st ever was a blue BMX!  Got into MTB'ing in 2003 when I moved back to London , and have spent stupid amounts of money on my favourite hobby ever since.  Definitely a summer rider, but occasionally make it out in the mud and rain!

"too rude to print"

Mountain Mayhem 24h 
Evans Ride-It @ Woking 
Evans Ride-It @ Biggin Hill 
Emitremmus 101km Audax   
Marin Dusk til Dawn 
Evans Ride It @ Biggin Hill 
2007 Marin Dusk Til Dawn
  Raasay Rumble
  Passportes Du Soleil
  MBR Big Welsh Weekend 50km
  Specialized Enduro 6
2006 Marin Dusk Til Dawn
  MBR Big Welsh Weekend 50km
  Specialized Enduro6
2005 Marin Dusk Til Dawn
Shimano Sleepless in the Saddle 
2004 Shimano Sleepless in the Saddle