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BikeRadar Live What Mountain Bike Dirt Crits 10/07/10

Paul Plowman
   The idea of the dirt crit race was a new one to me, short laps, not many of them, and flat out. Graeme and I managed to get ourselves on the second row of the grided start line due to our very pro looking team tops.
   When the start whistle was blown we went for it and entered the first single track in about 5th and 6th place. The course itself was fast, bumpy, and nowhere to let off. I managed to stay on Graeme’s back wheel until half way through the second lap when passing an “under 18” category rider my front wheel washed out and I dropped the bike for a split second, this gave Graeme the advantage. Just as I entered the bomb hole on the third lap there was an almighty bang from down the course, even making the marshal next to me jump, as I exited the bomb hole Graeme was at the side of the trail with his tyre hanging off. That was his race over, and as I started the next lap I shouted the bad news to the girls!
   The next few laps were all much the same, passing back markers and not really seeing anyone else, as I started lap seven with a cheer from Graeme and the girls I worked out that I might be in 3rd place!! I overtook a back marker into the bomb hole which put me offline and as I exited there was that all familiar bang as my tyre also blew out in the same place!
   After throwing my bike, and lots of profanities, I apologised to the supporters nearby and started running, asking anyone who passed for a pump. Just by the last section of northsore a very kind chap lent me his pump and I stopped to try and inflate my tyre, it wasn’t gonna happen so decided to run the rest and see if Graeme had any Co2. As I got to the start finish straight the leaders had crossed the line so it was race over.
   Whilst running I was passed by a number of riders and I’m hoping it didn’t knock me too far down the results! Fingers crossed. The race was so intense I managed to have an average heart rate of 192, I’m sure that’s not healthy. A big thank you to Emma, Katie, and Graeme for lots of cheering, and for putting up with the sulking afterwards.