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Marin Dusk til Dawn  03/10/09
   5th year in a row for Dusk til Dawn and we were a team member down. Paul and I decided to do it as a pair this year, hoping to recreate last years success. Weekend didn’t get off to a good start what with leaving the Stove behind, then catching traffic on the M25. This meant we didn’t get to the campsite until 7:10pm, luckily just before they shut the gates. After pitching the tent in the dark and a well earned beer (or two) we cooked the now traditional Spag Bol, which was washed down some vino.

   Tried to lay in the next day so as to get as much rest as possible, however we got up around 9:30am and had a cooked breakie. Paul and I decided to do a recce lap around midday. This was a good idea as there were a number of bomb holes and sandy bits that could catch us out that night. We took it easy, sessioning a couple of bits, taking photos etc and got back to the tent in 1hour 15mins. This time meant that it looked like hourish laps for the race. Chilled for the rest of the afternoon until the race briefing. At this point the heavens opened and for the next 45mins it looked like a repeat of the previous year. Luckily it stopped and we were in for a very dry and dusty night.

Graeme Report

It was my turn to go 1st this year, so I lined up about 5 rows from the front with Paul and Katie next to me on the sidelines. At D2D you have to follow the quad bike for about 2.5km before you start the 1st lap so as the field can spreadout a bit. Just before the horn went, I shouted at Paul to be at the change over area 45mins after I passed through the Start/Finish line, I was feeling confident. Horn went and I followed the quad with the pack and stayed near to the front (well I kept the quad in sight). After passing the Start/Finish I was feeling good. Took a couple of people on the first bits of fireroad and singletrack. At the 1st bomb hole (2nd really as they didn’t open the 1st til 10pm) a guy in front was going really slow and a large gap had opened in front of him. I took him just before the hole and ended up jumping into it, landing it on the flat at the bottom. Raced up the other side and caught the next group. About 5 miles in through a tight twisty wooded section I fell off in the middle of a sand patch. The guy behind me, who had loads of time to see what happened and stop, decided he’d carry on and ride over my leg. What a moron, he put a cut right over my shin. I had to stop for a bit to readjust my lights etc and dust myself off, hence a few people overtook me. I flew the rest of the lap, quite annoyed at the idiot who ran over me, but didn’t manage to catch him. Handed over to Paul and looked at the watch, 45mins exactly what I said! Checked the timing board and we were in 18th position after my 1st lap. Race On!! 
   Quick Mars Refuel and some Chicken Satay sticks and I was ready for the next lap. Paul came into the changeover and we were down to 26th. I nailed the next lap and was already starting to lap people. At the end of the lap we had climbed back up to 22nd.
   On my 3rd lap my chain snapped about 4 miles in, lucky I had some spare links (learnt my lesson at Enduro6 last year). My laptimes after this were pretty much consistent and I spent most of the time back at the tent refuelling and catching a little bit of sleep.
   At around 6pm I headed out on what I thought will be my last lap. I went round pretty quick and maxed out the last 2 miles as I though that would be it. Flew into the arena and handed over to Paul. Considering his previous lap was a 1:17 I didn’t expect he’d do under a 1:04 to get back in for me to go out again. So under Katie’s instruction, went back to the pits and got changed. We went down to the finish area to cheer Paul through just before the finishing horn went. To our surprise Paul was already over the line and finished, he’d plucked out an hour flat lap. By the time he’d found us it was to late. Oh well 6 laps each.
   We ended up 36th in the end which we are happy with. It was a great race and the course was awesome. Thanks to Katie who stayed up all night and made sure both Paul and I were at the start line when needed and kept us fed and watered all night.
Paul Report
   Awaiting Report........
Position:   36/84
Laps:        12
Time:        11:54:46







Graeme Spreadbury





Paul Plowman