Anything 4 A Ride MTB Club / Race Team
Graeme Spreadbury
   I first rode a Specialized Epic at Enduro6 in 2007. Ever since then I've wanted one. Late 2007 I took the plunge and purchased the S-Works Epic 08 Frame. I went for the Pace RC41 C-Type 100mm forks up front as it wanted it to be able to handle the Alps as well as the local trails. Wheels are Hope Pro II hubs laced to (with silver spokes) Stans ZTR Olympic rims. I went for the lightest brakes on the market at the time which were the Hope Mini Mono Pros. I'd run Mini Monos on the Maxlight in the Alps for 2 years with no probs so these seemed like a good bet. Full XTR drive train was the way to go based on weight and the fact its the only stuff I haven't managed to break on other bikes. Tyres differ for each terrain, but I run Michelin XCR Drys and Muds when racing and when in most of the UK, then Continental Mountain King Protection 2.2 in the Alps. Grips on all my bikes are Specialized Enduros as I belive they are the best. Same with most of my saddles which are SDG Bel Airs. Pedals as again with all my bikes are Egg Beaters from Crank Bros, however this bike gets the Ti version (which I've had since 2004).
2 months of buying and building, it was ready to go. First couple of rides was in slow muddy conditions and it felt like I'd spent a load of money on someting that wasn't much better than the Maxlight. Once the ground dried out though and we also went ot some rocky terrain the S-Work Epic was worth it. It is the best bike I have riden and can take on anything, from XC racing to full on week in the Alps.
Update 10/01/09: The Brain on the rear shock stopped working, so I had to take it into Evans Cycles @ Gatwick. They replaced with a new 09
spec one all under warrenty. 
Update 15/09/09: The Brain on the rear shick went wrong again, this
time middle of Trans Wales. Back to Evans @ Gatwick for a new one. 
 S-Works Epic 08 XL 
 RC41 C-Type
 Hope Pro II/Stans Olympic
 Mini Mono Pro  
 Carbon Layback
 Bel Air SL (cow print)
 100mm * 8deg
 Bone Lite
 Mech (F)
 XTR M970
 Mech (R)
 XTR M971
 XTR M970
 Flak Jacket
 XTR M970
Crank Bros 
 Egg Beater Ti