Anything 4 A Ride MTB Club / Race Team
Graeme Spreadbury
   I bought this MTB back in 2006 with a view to using it over the winter as it would be cheaper to run than a geared MTB, plus it should get me fitter quicker.
   It came with On-One Mary Bars which I soon swapped out for flat bars. The saddle was swapped for an SDG Bel-Air and eventually I put some Avid Juicy 5 disk brakes on it. I run Continental Gravity tyres in all conditions as they are quite fat and work well on a rigid bike.
   It rides like no other bike I've ever riden. It wants to fly up the hills and if you hang off the back of it it can easily go down through rock gardens. It makes you have to pick your line a little more carefully, but these skills transfer to the other MTBs to make them even faster. The 32-16 gearing is just about ideal for our local trails, but can be a bit heavy going up some of the steeper hills.
   Its a pretty bulit proof bike and can take anything I through at it. The frame and forks are steel and you certainly notice the difference between this and the Alu and Carbon bikes. It really does feel springy.
   Only problem I've had with the bike are the Truvativ Stylo Singlespeed cranks. They have to be done up very tight and if you forget to use Loctite on the bolts they will come loose.
 Inbred Steel
 Rigid Steel 
 Hubs/Retard Rims
 Juicy 5   
 Bel Air SL (cow print)
 Stylo Singlespeed 32t
Crank Bros 
 Egg Beater C