Anything 4 A Ride MTB Club / Race Team
Graeme Spreadbury
Date of Visit:  Lots of times
Distance:        13Km
Time Taken:   00:55
We've been to Bedgebury a fair few times now and love the place. By no means is it a super technical trail or very long (easily done under the hour), however it is pretty fast and feels great when railed, plus its closeish to South East London.
The first section is probably the most difficult and certainly nerve racking for beginners. It has 2 downhill sections that can seem steep to beginners, however they are a great confidence booster once completed. It then goes into a steep uphill section, that is a tad slippery. Get good traction though and it is doable.
Next there are a couple of really good flowy sections that are just great when railed, then the trail crosses a river and it’s a steep climb up onto a bit of very muddy (no matter what time of year) fire road. Another bit of single track, then a climb up some singleish track and onto a bit of fire road which takes us to our favorite section. It’s a longish downhill very flowy trail that demands to be taken at full pelt. When you come out at the end of it you’ll have a big smile on your face. A couple of sections later and you’ll end up in the quarry section which is good to mess about in, gaining confidence on the steep downhill sections.

The last section has changed since we first started going there and is now run backwards. This way it is so much better and even though there are up hill sections it doesn’t feel like it. It’s certainly a good way to finish off the trail and will make you want to do it again.

Because Bedgebury also has the Family trail it is easy to get back to the beginning of any section to do it again, without having to go all the way round again. Our only gripe with the place is that parking is now £7.50 (28/11/08) which is a bit steep.
  • Parking Expensive
  • Great for beginners
  • Great for experienced if taken at speed
  • Good for a quick no epic ride