Anything 4 A Ride MTB Club / Race Team
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Welcome to Anything 4 a Ride MTB Club / Race Team
Anything 4 A Ride is a group of Mountain Bikers who do the occasional Enduro race and lots of other MTB events. Formed in 2003 our first race was the 2004 Shimano Sleepless in the Saddle. We done ok in this and had a great time. This inspired some of the team to go on to more of these types of events. Since then we have done lots of Enduro team races ranging from 6 to 24hour marathons, but we have also done various individual events, the hardest being the Enduro6 hour event that is now the must do race of our season. We've even done the odd Adventure Race, however nobodies really up for the running bits. In 2009 all 3 of us participated in TransWales 7day stage race. It was hard going but we all got round, well sort of in the end.
   We ride regularly twice a week (ok once if were lucky in the winter) at a brisk pace around the South East London / West Kent areas. We also jump in the car/van and head out on various road trips, which have taken us afar a field as Raasay in Scotland for the “Raasay Rumble” and down to the Alps to take part in the “Passportes du Soleil”.
Check out our Rider Profile and Race Results pages for more info.
Want to know when Dave has a puncture, when Paul blows out because he hasn't eaten enough or when Graeme's chain snaps.
Now follow our exploits with updates on our "Blog/Twitter" page. RACE UPDATES AS IT HAPPENS.

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